Bay Area South Asian Films Festival (BASAFF) is a platform that creates possibilities for South Asian storytelling for the larger American diaspora. We foray into South Asian films and culture through our extensive network of lovers of South Asian cinema. San Francisco Bay Area metropolitan region is arguably the home of the nation's largest and most affluent South Asian and Indian community. The goal of BASAFF is to leverage the rich cultural diversity and help Indian and South Asian films to grow their market in this part of the world. We also realize that there is a large untapped non-diaspora American audience for Indian films. As Indian movies evolve in technical excellence, this audience becomes a bigger prospect for our cinema. We believe that with the advancement in technology and globalization, the dream of storytelling through movies is no longer a distant one. With the proper platform and planning, your story truly has the potential to become a global story. This is where BASAFF wants to create a mark by providing a global platform where the spirit of movies is celebrated.


We are living at a time of massive convergence between Entertainment and Technology. The past decade has witnessed massive disruptive innovation and an unprecedented shift in consumption of entertainment. In the San Francisco Bay Area, we thrive on innovation and disruption and trust that innovation comes from the intersection of knowledge and exploration in technology. The Bay Area South Asian Film Festival seeks to be a premier film festival of global reputation and pioneer the initiative and concept of 'Enter-Tech' in South Asian Filmmaking.


A festival that provides opportunities for the local community, film aficionados, visitors, filmmakers, and the greater South Asian film community to celebrate the power of film, art, technology and storytelling in an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

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